Rezolutions Strategies, LLC is a group of business professionals who are dedicated to helping small and middle-sized companies improve their overall performance. In order to accomplish this, we focus on three core pillars for success:

Dollars – We review the internal controls within the company focusing on the overall “Cash Conversion Cycle.” This is especially effective for companies that very good at manufacturing products but lose focus on the need to practice timely billing , Accounts Receivable Collections, and ultimately, solid cash management. Most importantly, we make sure that the Company has the financial depth and strength to be successful without strapping daily operations or growth due to unplanned cash shortages.

Depth– We have adopted the “Age Old” principle of war that states that a company cannot outpace its supply line. Most businesses that fail do so based on the fact that they overcommit to volume production. It doesn’t matter if you are a manufacturer or a service entity. Most are technically solid enough to land the business. Where they fail comes from the realization that they are not deep enough in the “ranks” at multiple positions to ensure a smooth and efficient growth cycle.

Discipline– We always sit down and develop two solid “roadmaps” for success. A detailed Operational Plan that encompasses each functional area and a solid Budget (Financial, Headcount, Capital Expenditures) to be followed. The ongoing implementation of these plans requires discipline at every level of management. But, most importantly, the “Vision” must be communicated from the top down. Once in play, functional manager must be held accountable for their results.


Internal Controls Review – We review all aspects of the Financial Controls of the company including, but not limited to, Financial Reporting, Inventory Control, Lease Management, Contract Administration, Banking and Cash Controls. We examine the Shareholder Equity section identifying that the proper documents are on file for Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and Stock Share Certificates that tie back to the stock register, etc. Finally, we look through Intellectual Properties for compliance and for opportunities to further protect the Company’s assets (e.g., Logo or Trademark Registration, etc.)

Leadership and Management Development – In short, we convey the thought that we believe in you enough to help you be successful by carrying part of your load when we can. We are followers of true “Servant Leadership” principles and standards. We assist managers in developing compliance with Company Goals and Strategies by “serving” each employee in every facet of their specific discipline. “In short, we convey the thought in you enough to help you be successful by carrying part of your load when we can.” Shared task completion leads to shared success and trust.

Introductions to Trusted Professional Resources – We have developed relationships with a large group of solid professional organizations including Banking, Legal, Certified Public Accounting Firms, Insurance Brokers, etc. All can not only assist with day-to-day operations, but also the development of Exit Strategies or the Purchase of Additional Organizations.